Below is a compiled list of the terms we use in our processes.


Tracking refers to an activity of updating the delivered goods' whereabouts or the shipment status with the defined criteria. RPA Labs assists you in locating your goods by specifying the location, mode of transport, voyage number, port code, port latitude, longitude, country, and time.


Carrier refers to the company that legally operates the goods transport.


Voyage is any movement of a ship that begins or ends in a port of call and is aimed to transport passengers or cargo for a commercial purpose.


A container is a sealed, rigid, reusable metal box used to transport goods by vessel, truck, or rail. The container must be designed for repeated use, be simple to fill and empty, and be specifically designated to allow for the carriage of goods without intermediate reloading.


A vessel means anything that can float and be steered or moved by its own or other methods.

SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code)

SCAC is a standardized coding system representing unique units that help identify specific transportation businesses. According to the National Traffic Association, it effectively monitors the transportation business through digital data.

Shipping Line

A shipping line refers to a company specializing in the ownership and operation of ships.

Master Bill of Lading

A bill released by a carrier represents the transportation contract between the shipper and the carrier.

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Updated 10 Jun 2022
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