Root Schema

Root schema serves the precise information that allows users to access the shipping lines, Master Bill of Lading, and containers regarding the cargo or shipped goods. The displayed data was pre-programmed to show the most important information first and the least important information last. Below are the brief explanations for each schema.

Shipping Lines

This schema contains information about the shipping lines, such as the name and the SCAC. Refer to this page for more details.


This schema contains the information about the Master Bill of Lading that the shipowner or operator issues. Check it here for more information.


The schema includes the information details about the containers, such as container number, load post, discharge port, estimated date of arrival, etc. See here for further details.

Using the Root Schema, three distinct types of information may be utilized to get different data.

  • allShippinglines
  • allMasterbill
  • allContainers

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Updated 10 Jun 2022
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