Error Handling

Response Codes

We use the following status code in the response depending on the success or failure:

Status Code


200 - ✅ Success/OK

Request success and the response will return with the requested data.

400 - ❌ Bad Request

The request returned an error.

401 - ❌ Unauthorized

The credentials are not valid.

403 - ❌ Forbidden

You don't have permission to perform the request.

404 - ❌ Not Found

The requested resource can't be found.


Here is our recommendation in terms of handling errors:

400 - Value Required


Cause You sent a request without a required field. For example, you must provide a key and secret when requesting an access token.


Solution Check the error message to see which field you need to provide and ensure it has followed the requirements. If unsure what information to provide or the format, check the required parameters in our API Endpoints section.

400 - Record Exist


Cause The request you sent already exists.

Solution Try to add another value. You may create a request on the Container Tracking endpoint to check whether the record exists.

401 - Invalid Credentials


Cause You input the wrong credentials.

Solution Re-check the key and secret you input. Make sure no parts are missing or added manually.

401 - Missing Authorization


Cause You haven't input the access token inside the Authorization headers and the Headers value.

Solution After acquiring the access token, ensure that you have already input all the required authorization values every time you play around with our endpoints.

401 - Unauthorized: jwt expired


Cause The access token you have is expired.

Solution Please Re-authenticate to get the new API key.

Remember, the API key only lasts for 30 minutes. If longer than that, you should acquire it again.

403 - Forbidden


Cause This error occurs when you're not allowed to access the requested page.

Solution Double-check the URL and make sure you input an actual value name. If you are still facing an error, don't hesitate to contact our support, it might be an ownership issue.

404 - Not Found


Cause This error occurs because you provided the wrong URL, or the ID you requested is not associated with any transactions.

Solution Ensure you use the correct URL (check for typos and our API documentation carefully). Also, make sure that the ID or the required value exists.

✉️ Need some help?

If you encounter a problem or require assistance, please contact our support team with details regarding your request at support@rpalabs.com. A representative will connect with you soon. 😊

Updated 10 Jun 2022
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